Welcome to Whistling Duck Music!

Welcome to the pool! Here, we celebrate the song in each of us. At Whistling Duck Music, we honour music as a vehicle for connection and rally around excuses to make noise: Guitar Mamas (since 2014), Brotherhood of Strings (since 2016), and more. Members of these circles come from a broad range of backgrounds and musical talents. Looking for lessons in guitar or ukulele? Whistling Duck Music can help with that in person in Calgary or online anywhere.


Music can change the world because it can change people

– Bono

Michelle E.

A world without Beauty = Nihilism. Beauty really does save the world and the Guitar Mama thing is a micro-cosm (little cosmos) of that truth, it holds the world together in that moment.

Diana S.

Playing regularly as a member of the Guitar Mama Showcase sisterhood has made for marked improvement in my guitar playing confidence AND I'M HAVING SUCH FUN!!

Brent S.

Connecting with Sue and the Whistling Duck Family was such a great experience to look forward to during these past 3 months of interesting and uncertain times.

Julie C.

I have made some very special bonds with those whom I do not otherwise have the opportunity to socialize. Music connects us all and this amazing community is the best reminder of that.

Kris H.

I can’t tell you how many times those jam nights helped me in tough times.