New Year’s Resolutions.   Who needs them?  We were talking about that on the weekend and my husband didn’t think that my resolution to eat more chips in 2020 really qualified as an appropriate area of focus.  The statistics on New Year’s Resolutions that are actually seen through are pretty dismal.  I think that eating more chips has a higher chance of making it than most.

I rarely make resolutions in January.  Certainly not because the calendar has turned to a new year.  But it is a natural time for new beginnings, after a break that often involves rest, a bit of indulgence, a turning-off of the daily grind.  These moments in the rhythm of life give us an understandable sense of fresh starts.  So what does that mean for you right now?  A “resolution” by any other name….

Because you are my people and I care, and because you are in my music world, I would encourage you to look at your music lives and set some goals.  For some of you, that might mean prioritizing making it out to the monthly gathering for your group.  Maybe you’re there every month but you haven’t stretched yourself in a new direction lately.  Get in touch and I can help give some shape to your next steps.  For some, it could mean writing a song or learning a new instrument.

For me, I have a few music goals, but certain health issues need to be my “goal focus” at the moment.  The hardest thing for me is granting myself permission to spend time in this way, even though I know that it is critical to my well-being, physical and mental.  If you’re struggling with permission for self-investment, stop it.  I give you permission.  The wizard behind the curtain has spoken.

Looking ahead, I’m really excited about the fourth annual “Beat the Blues” gathering, on January 25th.  It’s always a good time to get together with the community and stick our tongues out at winter.  I’ve got some other ideas percolating that may or may not happen in the next few months – I’ve always got more ideas than are practical to act upon at any given moment.  But there may be some new things coming to the community in 2020.

I’d love to connect for a chat about your resolutions, even if we’re not calling them resolutions.

Shine on, my friends!  Here’s to a magical 2020.

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