Rocky Mountain High

By May 1, 2017 No Comments

I’m on a bit of a Rocky Mountain High this morning – the sun is shining, the sky is brilliant blue, it’s not snowing (for now) and my head is full of great things that are going on.

This weekend we had our spring concert for the community music association.  My choir is big – 72 singers at the concert and we were missing about 15 that sing through the year – and they performed extremely well.  It was an excellent evening.  The music from my singers and our associated bands keeps getting better and better, but the best thing for me was to watch the joy that everybody experienced, both in the making of music and in the hearing of it.  We had a sell-out crowd and there were smiles on every single face in the room.

Even now as my own vocal journey has hit a little speedbump, I am getting charged on all the music that is blossoming around this town and on the connections that are forming through the instigation of making music together – yay community!!

This is a bit of a fluff blogpost, but there you go.  Sometimes my face hurts from smiling (and my belly aches from laughing – Prima Mama’s last week!!) and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that this is my journey.  See you all soon in various groups and at the Guitar Mama Retreat!  It’s not far off now.

Enjoy this gorgeous Monday – it might snow tomorrow.


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