Monday again, and I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.  The simple reason is that I find the only things I want to write about mean repeating myself.  We’re in this together.  Stay wise and healthy.  There is help if you need it.  It’s OK to be blue but reach out and let someone know.  This time can be a gift – look for the silver linings.  Practice gratitude.  Play your instrument.  You are not alone.

All those things are as true now as they were eight weeks ago.  But now for many people the fatigue is kicking in and we find ourselves asking ‘can we please be done with this?’  The answer is ‘not yet’.  Hang in there.  We’re in this together.  There is help if you need it.  You are not alone.  Play your instrument.

Wednesday nights have been wonderful times of connection around music, even though jamming using the Zoom platform is a bit surreal.  Come along.  You don’t have to play – you can sing along at home or just hang out.  Everybody welcome.

For me, the Friday night open mics have been a gift.  I have enjoyed playing with and for that company of friends so much, and after weeks of dragging my own musical heels, I felt charged on Friday night and inspired after our session.  I haven’t met all these people in real space yet, but we are growing friendships on shared screens by connecting around sound.  I invite you to join in that; again, you can play if you like but you don’t have to.  Come listen, come share the time.

This way of life may continue for some time, despite the relaxing of restrictions coming in some sectors as soon as this week.  Stay strong.  Come connect.  Links for Wednesdays and Fridays can be found in their event listings here.

I hope to see you out, because we’re in this together.  Hang in there.  Look for the silver linings.  Play your instrument.  Shine on.

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