It’s no secret that one of my biggest calls in life is to create and hold space for people to gather around music.  There are lots of options and I have a bucket-full of dreams to create even more.  I believe in the goodness of sound in community with all my heart.

But sometimes it’s good to be alone.  Some of you who know me may be surprised to read that I am an introvert.  I love all my people!  But I need silence and solitude to recharge or I burn out quickly.

My good husband saw an opportunity, and while he took my three children (plus one adopted for the weekend) to Revelstoke for a soccer tournament, he booked me into the Misty Ridge Retreat B and B, south of Calgary.  There is a lot that I can say about the weekend but I won’t here and now.  I do recommend the B and B, if anybody’s heading that way.  I was very well looked after.

But the point is that I got to play my guitar and sing, alone, for as long as I wanted to, and it was medicine.  I had thought I might write, and I did a bit but the songs are percolating.  I journalled a lot.  But I sang.  And I played.  And nobody was listening and it was bliss.

So come on out.  The Brotherhood of Strings and Guitar Mamas have their first gatherings of the new season this week.  The Valley Winds community choir and bands welcome you as they get rolling into the fall.  But don’t forget that while gathering together is important and feeds so many aspects of soul and self, do what you need to do for self care. Sometimes that is to honestly sing like nobody’s listening – because you’re ALONE.

How you read this post will depend on your circumstances in life.  If you are a working parent with young people under your feet all the time (literally and/or metaphorically) you can probably relate.  If you are flying solo and have more alone time than you’d like, you may not identify.  But all the gathering opportunities are there for you, no matter what season of life you’re living.  I welcome the conversation, if you’re willing to share.

Shine on.

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