So I’m sitting here wondering what to write for my blog today and I’m not coming up with much.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, including getting to see my brother who lives across the country – so I thought I could write about that.  But you don’t want to read that probably.

So I thought I would write about block.  Not just writer’s block because you’re not all writers.  But motivation block as well.  What do you do when you just can’t get going?

The simple answer is try something different.  If it IS writer’s block, whether song-writing or something else, take yourself physically to a different place.  If you are used to writing in your living room, go to the bedroom.  Or go to a coffee shop.  Or sit by the river.  Or take a bath (but don’t take your laptop into the bath).  Sometimes just a change of physical circumstances can get neurons firing in a new way.

I’ve been working through a journalling challenge with a friend who is going through a hard time.  It’s 21 days of questions to answer – one question per day.  I’m finding that sticking to a scheduled regime like that helps keep my pen flowing and my self-awareness active.  There are LOADS of writing challenges and plans online.

If your motivation is blocked to reach goals around particular concepts on your instrument (eg – I REALLY want to improve my finger-picking but can’t get up the hutzpa to put the time in) then what you might need is a friend.  Challenge someone to learn along with you and check in regularly. Or schedule one or two lessons to light that fire under you that’s been cooling.

Another idea is to get out a calendar and make deadlines – work through something such as Justin Guitar’s lesson plans but do it on a schedule. (eg – I MUST finish lesson three by Friday).  Give yourself little rewards in healthy ways when you meet your deadline.

One thing I’ve been blocked on lately is feeding my family well.  What do I need?  Permission.  I need to know that it is OK to spend a morning planning, budgeting and scheduling meals for the next month (or whatever).  Sometimes the pressure comes off the block if you show yourself grace and know that you have permission to spend that time.

Perhaps this is a rambly post, meandering from a lovely Thanksgiving induced long-weekend turkey hangover.  But maybe there is something in these words that you can take away and use.  A nugget to inspire you through that block you’re experiencing.

Shine on.

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