Brotherhood of Strings

(since 2016)

Brotherhood of Strings is a monthly gathering for men to make music, improve skills, swap tips, and push each other in their guitar playing.  BOS meetings provide a once-a-month check-in for busy guys who sometimes need a deadline to keep them accountable.  Dust off that guitar and join the fellowship.  You are welcome here.

When life is full, good intentions often get sidelined by the to-do list.  Brotherhood of Strings gatherings ensure that at least once a month guys are spending some time with music, and these regular check-ins encourage them to pick up their guitars in between meets. Men of all levels of experience – or inexperience – are welcome.  The greatest danger is that you’ll find yourself inspired.

The life I love is making music with my friends.

 – Willie Nelson

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Interacting with the members of this community not only helped me to expand my musical horizons, but allowed everyone to simply be themselves with no strings attached.....a true diamond in the rough. Well done.

– Brent S