California Dreaming

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“All the leaves are brown/ and the sky is grey…”.

There is no denying the season has changed around here. We had the most spectacular autumn and now we’re definitely into winter mode. Even if we get a reprieve – and we might – we know that the nicest outdoor weather is behind us for 2020. (Even if you love winter, you know what I mean). As we round the bend of this year, hopefully we’re leaving some other elements of 2020 behind as well!

With the shift comes the drying out of the atmosphere. So now’s the time to start or re-start good habits around humidifying your instruments. Keeping them in the case with a damp humidifier is the best way. I know that leaving your guitar out on a stand leads to more playing. But humidifying it in the case leads to a better life for your guitar. Also, it only gets humidified if you keep the humidifier sponge or tube damp. So stay on that!

Also, keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water – it’s good for your body as a whole, your voice as an instrument and your brain and mental health.

In these COVID times, with cases rising all around us, we have to make choices for keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. That means looking after anxiety that might surround COVID-related situations. All the Whistling Duck Music groups are, for the time being, meeting monthly in real space. The space has room for distancing and masks are required. However, some people are not comfortable meeting in real space at this time. We fully respect that.

Please make the decisions that will best look after your physical and mental health, and the health of those you care for. It’s possible that some Zoom gatherings will happen so that we can still meet in community that way and see each others’ faces.

Music feeds the needy places in all of us – so whatever your situation, keep the music going. Playing and singing is best, but listening is good too.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Stay wise, stay well, and shine on, Friends.

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