Today I have had a very Christmassy day.  I answered one or two emails that needed immediate attention and didn’t answer quite a few that could wait (apologies if this is you!).  I did some baking, some shopping, some wrapping, some planning.

As I was doing my things today I put on the Spotify playlist called “Coffeehouse Christmas”.  I highly recommend it.  It’s all artists I’ve never heard of, doing songs I know well and can sing along with.  They all flavour these hymns and Christmas standards with their own spices, but it’s so enjoyable to have the familiar presented in a different (but not too far out there) way.

It feels like a long time since I have spent a whole day in Christmas preparations and it’s been lovely.  The older I get, the more I want to sit and be still in the magic that is this time of year.  So as every year goes by I think I’m going to do just that.  One thing on my list to soak up is the Rotary Club’s Festival of Trees, over at the Malcolm Hotel.  If you’re looking for something festive to do that is free and very sparkly, go visit that.

My Instant Pot is on, my brain and body are shifting into holiday mode – I mention this because all three of those things are unusual – and I’ve got various Christmas songs dancing like Sugar Plums in my head.

And here, for your Rabbit-Hole pleasure, is today’s Christmas Video of Amazingness.  I’m posting more of these things on the Whistling Duck Music Facebook Page, so if you’re not following that, I encourage you to.

Happy Week-Before-Christmas, everyone.  And like all those lights and stars and angels out there, Shine On!

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