What follows is a re-post from totalchoirresources.com – a support network for choir types based in the UK.  If it pricks you into thinking of adding your voice to the movement, the Valley Winds Music Association is holding its membership information night at the Canmore Legion next Tuesday (August 27th) at 7:00.  Come on out for a chat – no commitment necessary (although registration can happen that night).  I’ll be there.  The new season starts just after Labour Day – looking forward to seeing you soon!

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It’s never been more popular to sing in a choir. The choral landscape is unrecognizable to what it was only a few years ago. Choirs are springing up in communities all over the place and they look very different to the choirs of old!

We stopped singing

In bygone decades, choral singing was basically the preserve of churches. In the UK, there’s also a long tradition of choral societies that were often associated with orchestras, but if you wanted to get involved, you needed to be able to read music.

As home entertainment moved into the television and then the digital age, people stopped making music at home. We sang as children, but then we grew up, left school and most of us never sang again, except in the shower.

We found our voices

This golden age of community choirs that we’re enjoying now is something to be wholly celebrated. It marks a big change in attitude that can only do us all good. Community choirs aren’t about musical ‘excellence’ (although many are excellent). They’re about community, enjoyment and getting that buzz from making music together.

They deliver real health benefits in helping people to relax, focus and shake off the stresses of their work and responsibilities.

Every choir needs a leader

With a new breed of choirs comes a new breed of choir leader. These people aren’t choral purists who’ve worked their way up the ranks of the traditional musical world. Many have little formal musical training. But they have passion, drive and a desire to build something that has an impact in their communities.

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(The Bow Valley has two very passionate, inspiring leaders – if I do say so myself!  See you next week at the info night!)

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