It’s an amazingly beautiful Monday morning.  Officially the last day of school for my family and all eyes are on the break.

Some of us are experiencing more free time than we’re used to, even if our rhythm usually changes for the summer.  This is still a really weird time.

Where I live the summer is GLORIOUS and short.  Every minute of every day I want to be outside.  I work from my laptop on my deck.  I do not want to waste a second of this beauty, because before we know it we’ll be back in “window weather” season, looking a the stunning world outside from the inside of our warm homes.  The late light, the million shades of green, the flowers, the birdsong – this is ambrosia to my heart.

But we need to fill the time, even if we’re outside.  We can only go for so many walks!  Keep playing your instruments.  You can watch the videos I’ve been posting on Facebook for some inspiration or if you’re looking for instruction from the best online source, go see Justin Guitar.   It doesn’t matter what level of player you are, Justin’s got something that will help you improve, and he’s got tutorials on about a million songs that you want to learn how to play.  He’s even got a course for ukulele.  (go to “lessons” at the top of his page and you’ll see it).

Right now I’m tying up all the strings from this last term, and staring into my crystal ball to see if I can work out how to tackle the fall.  Guitar Mama groups and the Brotherhood in some form will be meeting all summer.  While we can gather out of doors we will – who knows what our options for gathering will be when the September New Year is upon us?

And so we make hay while the sun shines. See you out there, folks.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to.  Keep shining on.


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