I am not feeling bloggily inspired this morning so I’ll revert to the old truism, “write what you know”.

I know that shared experience creates joy and elevated quality of life and that community is strengthened by making music together.  So my working life is dedicated to those things.  Right now what does that mean?

Three retreats are in the process of getting wheels on.  The first (probably) will be a retreat for potential Guitar Mama facilitators in communities beyond the Bow Valley.  To that end I am actively looking to connect with strong female guitar players in Cochrane, Airdrie, High River, Okotoks, Black Diamond-Turner Valley, Bragg Creek, Millarville, Golden and Invermere – or with Calgary-based players who don’t mind a little driving.  If you know of anybody fitting that description or if you are that person, please get in touch!

The second retreat on the books is the annual Guitar Mama Retreat in June.  This will once again take place in Kananaskis at the Barrier Lake Field Station, this year from June 5-7.  We will have a drum circle, circle singing/harmony work, and more, including the successful Collaboration-Power-Hour Showcase format we tried last year.  Registration opened yesterday and can be found here.  Space will be limited so get in early! 

I don’t have that link posted in many places yet, so feel free to share it.  Computer work will happen this week (joy of all joys!)

AND retreat number three will be a Beginner’s Retreat for women guitar players.  I did not do one in 2019 and I missed it from my life!  This will take place in the fall, either the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October in the dark sky country down near Millarville.

So how’s that for a brain-dump this morning?  It’s what’s on my mind.  The reason these retreats are so important is because they build strong connections.  When we get away together for shared experience, the whole community is stronger, and we, individually get recharged.  By community I mean Guitar Mama community as well as the town we live in.  If you haven’t been on a retreat lately or have questions about how these things work, get in touch.

There are other things in the works as well, but these are the ones taking up my brain this morning, instead of the deep philosophical wisdom you’re used to receiving every Monday.  I had a conversation with a friend last week – he works in music as well – and we were both reflecting on how very fortunate we are that we get to work in a field that we love so much.  Why do we love it?  Because of the people we get to work with and the effects of music in their lives.

That’s you, folks.  Thanks for the privilege.

Shine on.


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