Sometimes it is hard to get going after a break.  In my world, the adults tend to be a week or two behind the kids, because first things first.  So here we are at the end of January and many people are just getting back in the saddle after the Christmas break.

I teach a lot of adults, and have taught many more over years.  Here’s one thing that happens: if a particular week did not allow for time or motivation to play, the adult cancels the scheduled lesson because s/he hasn’t practiced.  Then it happens again the next week. The next week they may come but are discouraged, and suddenly no playing is happening and I lose that person from my teaching studio.

The alternative scenario that I encourage is this:  if a particular week did not allow for time or motivation to play, the adult STILL COMES to the scheduled lesson, we may review or play through things together, and we recharge the motivation or inspiration to keep moving forward.  I know life happens.  You don’t owe it to ME to practice.  You’re here because you want to play guitar, so let’s keep you on the path of playing guitar.

hummingBird got together this morning for the first time in 2020.  We just played through some songs with no pressure – to see if the engine would turn over!  It did.  We sketched out a plan.  We’ve both got new songs percolating.  But it would have been SO easy to put off getting together because we haven’t been playing or writing individually and we didn’t have any gigs on the calendar.  Still it was so very good to connect, to sing, to play and to remember how much we love doing this!

AND we have just confirmed we’ll be playing at the Market Bistro in Three Sisters on Friday, February 21, so there’s some motivation.

If you’re having trouble getting back in the saddle into this New Year, let me know.  Because winter is long, but there are many songs to sing and the process will keep you warm.  I think a new Brotherhood of Strings chapter is going to come together over the next month or two.  Anybody interested can please contact me.  Share the love – and shine on!

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