We’re in the middle of Festival Season and it’s been great listening to live music under a blue sky.  Some folk are heading to music camps and I’m excited to witness the fruits of those fun labours when we reconvene in a month or so.

It’s time for me to address a huge concern for all of us – and one that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot.  Hearing health.

Whether you are on the stage or in front of it, listening to your favourite vinyl or going for a run with a playlist through your headphones, you are at risk for hearing damage.  And once hearing loss happens, it cannot be restored.  It can be helped, yes.  It can be treated – but it cannot be undone.

I do say that to scare you a little bit.  Take note.  The best ways to prevent hearing damage are simple and two-fold.  1) turn it down.  2) wear earplugs.

I’m going to write on this again, when my thoughts are more organised than they are this morning.  I’m in one of those places where I have too much to say and if I try it will get all jumbled.  But here are two links that will tell you more, and give you some advice on treatment and prevention of hearing-related problems.

The first link deals specifically with tinnitus, which is a constant ringing or hissing in the ear.  The second is more generally on noise-induced hearing loss.

I write to you as one knowing.  I have been dealing with tinnitus for as long as I can remember – and as a musician I’ve been aware of my hearing for a long long time.  For me I know what aggravates it and what helps it but my world is never actually silent.  I don’t want that for you.

Enjoy your festivals, your concerts, your camps and your jams!  Yay to making beautiful noise!  And here’s to being able to hear it for a long time to come.


Shine on, my friends.




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