How Did We Get Here?

By November 19, 2020 4 Comments

2020 has been a year for the history books, and no question. We’re not quite done yet, but as I was in a local store the other day and Frank Sinatra was singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, I had to pause and ask “WHAT???”

How can we be nearly in December? While on one hand it’s hard to believe that one calendar year could hold as much excitement as this one, I’m sure I’m not the only one suddenly surprised by how little of the year is left.

I’ve decided that the reason for this is that we lost our landmarks in 2020. So many things were cancelled or put online, and I’m realizing now how much I keep reference by things like Guitar Mama Retreat, Canada Day, Canmore Folk Music Festival, Remembrance Day and Gala. Without those memory-making moments, my sense of time has been entirely adrift.

And now December is in sight. The season of light in darkness. The traditional bread-and-butter time for professional and semi-professional musicians. And this year, that bread and butter is scarce. What will the season sound like? Frank Sinatra (who did a great job of it), Boney M, George Michael and Mariah Carey – but none of your friendly neighbourhood musicians. Remember them in any way that you can – CDs and merchandise make great gifts.

Despite the difficulties thrown at us by 2020, some good has come out of global hardship. Let me encourage you, as we head into a traditional time of family and gathering but are not able to gather with family, to look at what we CAN do. Take stock of the little things. Remember the value of gifts that are not material. Make some noise.

We’re heading into the darkest month, Friends. Keep your light shining – even a little spark makes a big difference in the darkness. A month from now we experience our longest night, which means the day after that is a little longer than the day before and the light begins to return.

And while it’s still six weeks away, I look forward to staying up until midnight on December 31 – not so much to welcome 2021, but to make sure that we leave 2020 behind. Onward.


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