I am so proud of the participants in my summer vocal improv course.  From entering a room a month ago with NO IDEA what they were in for, to making the magic sounds we have been bathing in during the sessions – for some people that was unforeseen and mind-blowing.

Trusting your voice is not an easy thing to do, especially if you haven’t used it lately.  We are so conditioned to processed sound and to a sense of how things “ought” to go that giving validity and space to our own sonic instincts can be a scary thing.

But your voice was put in you in order to be heard.  Simple.  And your song is valid – even if it doesn’t fit in the lines that this culture has drawn.  Vocal improvisational singing is colouring outside of the lines, and making masterpieces.  The end result is some chaos, some moments of transcendence, some tears, much laughter, and mental and emotional rest.

I am just in the process of working out my 2019-2020 schedule but I would love to include some space for more facilitated vocal play.  Like many people who have the privilege of loving the work they do, I perhaps slightly overloaded my plate last year and I would like to stay healthy – so we’ll see.

Regardless, opportunities will exist to make sound together!  There is always space in Guitar Mama Showcase and in the Brotherhood of Strings, and the Valley Winds Music Association programmes will resume just after Labour Day.  The MenBeerShip Drive will happen at the Canmore Legion on Tuesday, August 27th for all the programmes.  (It’s essentially a meet and greet).

Let me know how I can help you let your song out.  I can help you with that.  It would be my honour.


Shine on.

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  • debgrady says:

    Loved this opportunity – it is really what I was looking for in joining guitar mammas & doing campfire guitar. A way to sing and use my voice that is not so time demanding as joining valley winds! Looking fwd to more on this Sue. With many thanks & a big hug ?

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