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By October 26, 2020 One Comment

Monday morning – sometimes hard to get moving. Especially with the cold temperatures we’ve been having. Let me tell you – the hibernation instinct is kicking in very strongly in my house!

Most of us have things to move us forward out of necessity or interest and as we get into the dark cold season, those things will become more important. I’ve written here about mental health concerns a lot since Covid hit – most of us have weathered these last six months (maybe with some bumps and bruises) but we’re going into a time that will challenge us again.

Watching your diet, sleep patterns, alcohol intake, and exercise are super important. Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine – even when it’s cold – is important. Connecting with other human beings is important! Admitting when you need help is hugely important.

But filling your time with things that make you feel good is also critical to good mental health, especially in challenging times like a Canadian winter in isolation. Music is good for that. I’ve moved a lot of videos that you can tackle as mini-projects from Facebook to the Members’ side of the WDM site. Maybe you were too busy enjoying the outdoors this summer to play through them at the time but they’re there for your winter enjoyment.

I’ll be adding to them regularly – first up will be a series of tambourine tutorials (if you think that’s funny, you haven’t been on GMS retreats!). It has been tricky to find a good time to make the “Remedial Tambourine” video though, while my whole family is working and schooling from home, but I’ll do it really soon. (Sorry! Didn’t mean to interrupt your meeting/mid-term exam/class….. with my tambourine!)

If there is something you want to learn, let me know. I’ll make a video on that. Alternatively, check out Justin Guitar for an INCREDIBLE resource of free instructional videos. He is extremely good. I’m definitely a fan. https://www.justinguitar.com/

Also, a few details are still pending, but I’m hoping to add some more offerings for regular gatherings that would allow members from various groups to connect. I’ve SO MUCH missed our retreats and the Gala, which should have been next week. It doesn’t look good for Beat The Blues – but I’ve got ideas. So watch this space. And while you’re waiting, drink some water, eat some vegetables, walk around your block, then learn something new from a video.

You know where to find me, friends, if there is anything I can do. As we head into the dark, keep shining on.

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