This weekend I shared the honour of taking the Valley Winds Community Choir to Choral Fest in Calgary.  Choral Fest is an annual non-competitive opportunity for choirs to sing in a different venue and get feedback from top professionals in the choral world.  While we were not competing against anybody else, we did receive a grading based on our performance – bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

Approximately half of the membership was able to participate, and I’m so proud of the group.  Adapting to a new space and new acoustics, we were able to pull together for an excellent performance.  But here’s the thing – the comments from all three adjudicators included reference to how clear it is that my singers love to sing together.  For that joy of sharing voices in community to be so bold and obvious, even in a slightly daunting setting and a new experience of performance, I am deeply grateful.

For most of us in this phase of life known as adulthood, that’s why we’re doing this.  Guitar Mamas, Brotherhood of Strings, Choir members – we’re getting together for the joy of the community as well as the music, and that is a magical combination.  I’m looking forward to March and April gatherings to experience that magic, and with the weather finally offering a thaw I’m thinking ahead to summer.  (I know the chickens haven’t hatched yet).

Registrations are open for the June Guitar Mama retreat, and we’ll be looking for weekly hosts for the Summertime Jams in July and August.  Valley Winds has lots coming up – information is here.  In the meantime, let the warmer air of this week inspire you to connect with others for a walk or a jam.  CONGRATULATIONS to my choir on achieving a Gold Standard at Choral Fest.  That’s what music and community combine to make.  Gold.  Let yours shine on.

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