New Year (Again)

By September 3, 2020 No Comments

Here we are – September again. I’m excited to launch the new Whistling Duck Music website, and for the probability of gathering in real space this winter. We’re still facing COVID restrictions, but it’s great that we’ll be able to make eye contact and hear each other in the same room rather than across cyberspace.

I sincerely hope that whatever you’re facing right now, you are able to find peace. Most of us are looking at SOMETHING new, as so much of the world runs on a September New Year model. Whether it’s back-to-school, or back to the office after months working at home, whether it’s a new class (online or in real space) or the looming promise of a winter where restrictions will still affect us, we’ve all got stuff going on.

Let me encourage you not to let music fall away. In making music together and on our own, we are stepping out of the day-to-day, nurturing ourselves physically, mentally, creatively and emotionally, and filling the world with non-processed real sound. There is a primal need in humanity to create beautiful noise, and to gather around it.

I know that for many of us, the distractions of the last six months have overshadowed this element of self-care and community connection. As we head into winter, be reminded of how good and important Guitar Mama Showcase and the Brotherhood of Strings have been for you – and remember that you are always welcome here.

On the new site, if you are a member, be sure to check out the photos and to smile at the memories. We DID that. And we will do it again. I promise you.

Happy New Year, Friends. Let’s continue to connect, to make some noise, and to shine on.

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