Not Alone

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Christmas is coming!  Every year I find I encourage the same message in this season:  bundle yourself up in MUSIC!

In going over some old journal entries and blog posts the realisation has occurred that I need to revisit my own application of those concepts I have so often promoted and encouraged.  It has been interesting introspection.

However, in this moment, I shall shout it again – December offers a glorious feast of music.  Tuck in.  Try something new.

A while back I was quite ill and my family was absolutely bombarded with loving gifts of food.  We were deeply grateful and humbled.  My children had to try dishes that I don’t normally cook – and they found they enjoyed some of them.  The same concept fits with music.  Taste a new flavour; you might find you like it.

The music of this season by definition lifts up and encourages, because it celebrates light in a time of darkness.  If you are experiencing a personal season of darkness, I do not presume to tell you “It will be OK” but I can tell you this:  attending a live music event, especially if it is held in a theatre or hall or church rather than in a pub, you will be reminded that you are not alone, and hopefully your situation will be lighter for a time while the music lifts you.

Singing in a choir has an even more tangible effect.  In singing you are joining your voice with the community around you and you are literally surrounded.  Various members of my choir are dealing with personal struggles.  There are weeks where I look out over the faces during rehearsal and I can see they are comforted simply by being surrounded and knowing they are not alone.   Sometimes they are not even singing.  That’s OK in my choir.  (note the “sometimes”.  If you join my choir we do ask that you sing!)

With that said, I must add that I am not in a dark season right now.  In fact my family is experiencing a solid season of balance and much peace.  Of course there are areas that could improve.  Aren’t there always?  But we head into this season of light with hearts of celebration and joy.  It is my hope that in my current grounding I might share that joy, celebration, peace, light and balance with those around me who need it.

As we careen headlong into December, I encourage you to keep your mind on the light that shines in the darkness, to fill your head and heart with the music that carries it, and know that you are not alone.


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