Old Roots

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I recently got to spend an evening listening to and participating in some old music.  Some of it can be traced back to “recent” old – as in fifty or seventy five years, and some of it was much older than that.  It was like a wave of warm goodness to sit in that tradition, than anchored age of music and to stand on the shoulders of the giants who laid those foundations upon which the current age of music is built.

The evolution of music style fascinates me – and the older I get and the more I understand the back-story of our modern music, the more I value those roots and the connections to previous generations both musically and culturally.

I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to amazing new original tunes coming from Guitar Mamas and to the pop music of the moment that my kids like.  There are so many diamonds and gems coming out in this time!  I had a massage last week and I didn’t know a single tune that I heard while on that table, and I loved them all.  But to be taken back the other night into the roots of where I come from musically was a gift, and I encourage you to spend some time with the old stuff – whether that is cultural folk tunes, Stephen Foster madrigals, Bach, Beatles or Dylan.  It is from these strong roots that we grow.

Shine on!

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