One Percent

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I haven’t been making music.  It’s been a weird sort of rest, where part of me is glad for the pause from that element of who I am but part of me is starving.  Most years I welcome the silence for a bit at the start of January because December was so full of sound and magic, but this year, it’s quiet upon more quiet.

I definitely have some peace about it, but there is also sadness, and a need to get going again.  Like so many things, once you’ve lost momentum, it’s tough to get started.  I have had nudges and reminders from more than one of you faithful friends to practice what I preach.  Baby steps.  Something is better than nothing.  It’s all going to be OK.  I am not alone.  Thank you.

I recently read a wonderful post from Neil Fox of LifeWorks Gym here in Canmore.  I just started following Neil, whom I have not met in real space (yet) and I appreciate a lot about his approach to fitness and to life.  This particular post challenges the reader to do something every day that is one percent better for his/her health than the day before.  That could be as simple as putting some chia seeds in your yoghurt or planking for fifteen seconds, or drinking some water.  Boom.  Done.  One percent better than yesterday. 

I was inspired by that because I need it in my own physical care, but also because it applies to my music life.  I hardly sang at all in December.  Almost zero.  So what can I do that is one percent more than zero?  Well, on the weekend I sang along to a song I love by Rajaton.  Put it on repeat and sang it about five times in a row.  What will I do today?  Well, to start with, I will cut my fingernails.  I am teaching today which means a guitar will be in my hands.  That’s something.  And something is better than nothing.

Be encouraged, friends.  I know that we are 10 months into this pandemic (where we live) and we’re all tired of it.  Don’t feel that you have to have it figured out by now.  Things are constantly changing and mental health care continues to be of paramount importance.  It’s all connected.  Mental health, physical health, creative health.  Take care of yourself.

So what will your one percent be today?  Let me know how I can help.

Shine on.

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