One thing that drives me crazy is when other people tell me I’m busy.  It happens all the time in conversation – someone will ask me how I’m doing then answer for me, “I know you’re really busy”. (That is definitely not what I would answer).  Or sometimes people will not include me in plans because they “know how busy” I am.  At times it sometimes comes across as a (well-meant) judgement on the choices I make.

Many of us in this community are working parents of active kids, also trying to keep ourselves fit and healthy (mind and body).  I do not presume to speak for anybody but myself but I do know some of you reading this are on the same page of life as I am.  My work-life is as far from 9-5 as you can get. I work many evenings.  There is a lot going on, and no denying.

But “busy” is a word that I have chosen to eliminate from my vocabulary.  “Busy” suggests an element of “over-stretched”.  An element of “harried”.  An element of “out of control” or “beyond choice”.  To me it is a proverbial four-letter word because it has come to suggest that I don’t have the ability to be otherwise.  Yes I work a lot of evenings – but I carve quiet into my day, every day.

Instead of “busy”, I choose to see my life as full.  Yes I’m a working mother with three active kids – and my work puts me in contact with hundreds of people each month (sometimes each week).  Google Calendar is a very good friend of mine.  Life is full and life is good.

With that being said, sometimes slowing down takes a deliberate act.  Finding that space for quiet and reflection – to “just be” – is imperative to mental, spiritual and emotional health.  I encourage you to take that space as and when you can.  If you need some guidance or to get something on the calendar, come out this Thursday to Ground and Creative Flow at Studio b Canmore – or sign up for the full day Creative Mind and Body workshop on May 18.  I look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, here’s to living the full life.

Shine on.

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