September New Year

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September has come – and almost gone – once more and for most of us this marks the beginning of the New Year.  Frantic as this month can be for those who operate on the school calendar, it has always been my favourite time of year.  All the new beginnings and the promise of what is ahead make me tingle in a way that January never will.

Here at Whistling Duck Music, this September finds the launch of the new website, which hopefully will be simpler to navigate than the old one was.  It also ushers in some new initiatives, such as the Gala and JamFactory coming up in November, the Cuba conversation, which continues, and a Women’s Beginner Retreat, which hopefully will welcome some new Mamas into the fold.  Within our community, I’ve also met a few new guitars this month – which tells me that people are committed to push and progress in their playing – and I’ve heard a lot of wonderful new original songs.  Tingly!!

What does it mean for you?  Seasoned player or brand new beginner, what are your goals for the coming year in your musical experience?  Maybe you want to master a new strum pattern, or learn a riff that has been eluding you.  Maybe it’s fingerpicking or finally tackling that (grit teeth) F chord.  Maybe it’s writing your first song, or getting your fingers around a barre chord.  Maybe it’s finally picking up that dusty guitar and learning to play it at all.  Each of us has different goals but the beauty of the Whistling Duck Music Guitar Collective is that we can work towards them in community.

Where do you want to be by this time next year?  Set your eyes on that goal, then remember that every step gets you closer.  What will you do today towards reaching that end?

As I continue on my own vertical learning curve of technology, I expect there will be little bumps along the way.  I appreciate your patience.  And if I can help you at all in getting to your own musical goals, let me know!  I will welcome the opportunity to step away from the computer and walk with you a while.

Enjoy this season of new beginnings, soak in the promise, and shine on.

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