I have a chronic back injury that tends to flare up during times of change, stress, or rest.  This COVID situation ticks all those boxes and I have spent much of the last two weeks flat on my bed reading Harry Potter.

While I’m thankful to be coming out of it now, my online session with my physio this morning reminded me that I can’t take on too much too quickly, or I will go backwards.  I must proceed with small steps and celebrate the little victories.  She reminded me that right now, we have time.  I’ve been dealing with the same problems for 15 years, but now I have time to be consistent in the work that will overcome them with a minimum of distraction.

So it is for all of us.  Whatever you are dealing with right now or needing to push through or overcome, slow and steady is the way to win the race.  It’s OK if it is REALLY slow and steady – we have time to do it right.  And celebrate the little victories.

For some of you maybe it’s time to get that guitar or ukulele out of the dusty corner.  For others it might be trying something new – writing a song, playing the penny whistle, learning the band instrument you bought for your kid when he was in grade 6 and hasn’t touched since.  For some it might be getting through this day.  Slow and steady.  We have the time.

Let me know if I can help you with any of these things; I am teaching guitar online and I might be able to direct you if you’re looking for a different sort of teacher.  And don’t forget to join us on Wednesday nights to jam or Friday nights for Open Mic by Zoom.  All are welcome whether it’s to play, to listen, to learn or just to hear someone else’s voice in your day.  Let me know if you want to get emails with the links every week – or you can get and share them through Facebook.

In the meantime, stay home or get out safely in these beautiful days of sunshine.  Be wise, be well, and shine on.


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