Sometimes, Just Getting There

By February 22, 2018 No Comments

I went to the gym this morning; I try to get there three or four mornings a week, but these cold days are not very motivating that way.  But that’s why I joined the gym – for these cold days.  Getting out when it’s nice out is EASY.  So I hauled my sorry carcass over to Elevation Place and put my sneakers on.  My attitude towards phyical fitness is that ANYthing is better than nothing – it was that kid of morning.

Some time ago, when I started running, I had a little “Accountability Circle” with some friends.  Whenever one of us got out for a run we would report it (OK, brag it) to the others and that was part of what kept momentum going.  One of those women said she felt strong and good, like a tigress – and she roared.  So now I just text “roar” when I have a work out to roar about.  This morning my legs felt heavy and my head wanted to stay glued to the pillow and it would have been MUCH easier to stay home and read, but I got to that Curve Treadmill and put in my time.  I was a bit pathetic, but I got my roar.

This is a long way of saying that sometimes, just getting to the gym is the “roar”.  For music making in busy lives, some days simply picking up your instrument for a few minutes to play through an old favourite or hum along to something is the “roar”.  When work and children (and for some people, skiing, running, working out), family cares, friends and household every day stuff pulls you in so many directions, just remember that ANYthing is better than nothing.  And a little bit of accountability goes a very long way.  That’s part of the magic of Guitar Mama Showcase and the Brotherhood of Strings.  You’re not alone in being busy and still wanting to make time for this music thing.  So when you’ve put in even a few minutes, celebrate that and let out a roar!

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