These are definitely interesting times.  People keep using the word “unprecedented” and I don’t deny that in some ways that fits, however much of what we are experiencing is similar to the world as it was in and around the two Great Wars. It is an excellent time for reflection.

One thing that keeps playing around in my head is that we are being forced to examine how we use our time.  In our generation (and I realise there is a range of ages reading this), we are accustomed to having our time filled so that we are moved through our week as if in a fast moving stream, burbling around one bend and forced quickly into the next.  Even if we are aware that we have chosen this, there can be both joy and stress in the ride.

But now the stream has stopped and we are standing on the bank.  There is no dance/climbing/yoga/tai chi/ski lesson/music class/concert/choir/running group to keep our flow moving.  There is stillness and there is space and there is suddenly a lot of time.

This will be very hard for some.  For others it is a gift.  For still others – probably for most – it will be both.

But it is a unique opportunity, friends.  We are living in the calm; in the strange season where the world stood still.  And when the stream starts flowing again, we can be deliberate with our choices – and our choices affect the pace of flow.  Anything that we choose to re-introduce into our schedules will be a deliberate decision.  New perspectives will decide how we spend our time after this Twilight Zone time.

In the meantime, we are here.  And there is space and there is time and there is stillness.  I encourage you to enjoy this reality as and when you’re able.  Aim to be present in this and choose to see the beauty in unexpected places from this spot on the bank.

If you are hurting or need support, I am definitely not dismissing that.  I hope you are receiving the support you need – there are channels out there for that, and if you haven’t found them in the Bow Valley, the best place to start is the Facebook group “Stone Soup Canmore” or “Stone Soup Banff“.

AND I’m looking forward to jamming with you on Wednesday nights from here on.  I’ll post the link every week on Wednesday on the Join the Jam FB event, on the WDM and Mothership FB pages, and through email.  If you don’t get the WDM newsletters and you want to get the link by email, contact me and I’ll make sure you get the email.

This wasn’t really a music-specific ramble, but I hope that it feeds you (and your song) anyway.  Keep on keeping on, my friends.  And keep shining your beautiful light.

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