Today is the day I officially move into the role of support staff.  My “Magic Day” was early this year – December 7th marked the end of my big commitments and performances for the season.  For the next two weeks I get to be Mum, friend, chief cook and bottle washer.  It’s great.

We have the tree up; we cut one ourselves this year.  The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and this beautiful Rocky Mountain morning I am sitting with my coffee, looking out at Ha Ling Peak, reflecting on the week that just was.

The Valley Winds Winter concert went off without a hitch.  It was sold out two weeks ahead of time, which is unheard of, and all the ensembles were at the top of their games.  hummingBird had three gigs in the space of eight days, with good audiences and many warm fuzzies.  CCHS’s production of “Into the Woods Jr” was excellent and the weeks of diligent hard work paid off in spades.  With the exception of Prince Charming’s laryngitis (Agony!!) the show was almost flawless and the kids should be proud.  I know I’m proud of them, and thankful to have been a part of that adventure.

For some reading this though, the holidays this year may be a difficult time.  Many in my circles are processing loss or separation.  Whether it is a parent experiencing the onset of dementia, the first Christmas after the passing of a loved one, broken relationships or life change beyond control, this season where all is supposed to be joy and laughter will be a difficult country for some.  Know this: you are not alone.

While this may not be for everyone experiencing those things, I would encourage you to get out to some live music.  Perhaps stretch into a genre that is not your usual cup of tea.  And at the end of any given song or piece of music, in that collective intake of breath once the sound has stopped but before the clapping has started, remember that you are breathing with all those gathered and you are surrounded.

A good place for that might be the Tenore concert at the Canmore Senior’s Centre this coming Friday night.  Tickets are at Cafe Books.

If you are dealing with loss, there is a session happening on Thursday evening in Canmore that you might want to know about.  It’s called “Surviving the Holidays” and here is the information.  Because sometimes we can’t do it on our own.  But the good thing is that we don’t have to.

Here is another one of my favourite Christmas videos.  Enjoy!  And shine on.



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