Two things on my mind this morning – one: VOTING and two: the power of singing together.

After I finish this stream of consciousness and some book keeping, I’m walking over to cast my ballot.  Even as I prepare to do so, I’m looking ahead to the weekend, where I’ll be participating in an advanced vocal improvisation workshop.

Why are those two things sharing space in my head?  Because every time I gather with other voices to sing improvisationally, it comes up in conversation that politicians should do this before sitting down to work.  Singing – especially improv – opens doors of communication, patience, understanding, presence and forgiveness that I have never experienced in any other way.  The world’s political problems would vanish if only our leaders would sing together.

Could that actually happen?  We’ll never know – but it might make a good movie to explore the idea….

I know I expressed hope to run a vocal improv session in the Valley this fall – it’s not quite on the radar yet because some other exciting work blew my way.  But hopefully soon.

In the meantime, we can look forward to the monthly gatherings, the Gala and JamFactory in November (list of players will be announced VERY soon), and many interesting live music offerings coming up in Canmore over the next few weeks.  Personally, I’m looking forward to Oscar Lopez on November 8th at ArtsPlace – there’s a show at Commuitea that same night too.

So my words for you today – sing.  Sing like nobody’s listening.  Just do it.  Find a friend.  Sing together.  Solve the world’s problems.

AND, whichever box you check or if you check’em all and spoil your ballot, get out there an make your voice heard by voting. It’s our privilege and our responsibility.  By doing so we help our amazing country shine on.

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