I was really good about consistent, up-to-date blogging through the fall, and then the Silly Season began.  If I was any good I would have written extra blog posts in the summer and scheduled them for now, but I’m still learning this whole digital presence thing.  By the time I thought of it, here we were in minus 14 degrees and snowy, with extra rehearsals, preparation and things to do to be ready for all the wonderful performances coming up.

December and the run-up to Christmas is the single time of year when the world in general depends on musicians to show up.  Some of us in the industry are preparing music for the festive season starting in the springtime.  It’s a great time to get together with friends to take in some live music, attend a caroling service, or connect in a living room over egg nog and share favourite songs of the season.  It is in this way that we know each other better.

Musicians amateur and professional alike work hard toward December.  Treat yourself and let these minstrels know that you appreciate their contributions by getting out and taking in some live music this season.  Here are some local options:

hummingBird (November 29, December 6)

Trundled (December 19 in the Rat’s Nest Cave – other dates TBA)

Mike Petroff (November 28)

Valley Winds Music Association (December 1)  SOLD OUT!

Jazzy Christmas (December 14 – Canmore Legion 2:00 pm)

Lori Reid with Richard Inman and Markus Sommer  (December 1)

Community Advent Service (December 1 – St. Michael’s Church 7:00 pm)

Into the Woods (December 4-7 at CCHS – tickets at CCHS or at Rusticana)


There are lots more.  But get out there and take in something!  It’s all going to be great.  And watch this space.  As I return to “normal programming” I intend to share some of my favourite festive YouTube links both here and on the Whistling Duck Facebook page.

Stay warm out there, friends, and shine on.

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