The farmer’s market in Canmore, makes me relaxed and rejuvenated.

At the market I run into a number of people I know, and everyone is so happy – to be shopping for amazing produce after the grocery-store winter, to be perusing the small artisan booths, to discover new sources of creativity and goodness… and to be out in community under the sun.  Grocery-store fluorescents are never going to replace that sunshiny feeling!

I love a pretzel from the German bakery or a fresh BC apricot with my daughter on the deck.  In our neck of the Rockies, the warm weather takes its time arriving, and deserves celebrating when it finally gets here!

What has this to do with music?   I suppose only that in being outside, and in losing some of the “busy-ness” of recent weeks, I am more open to that joy and spontaneity that help to drive me.

So here’s another link – yes it involves Bobby McFerrin – but it’s a fantastic concert that introduced me to some new out-of-this world musicians (Jacques Loussier, for one).  It’s a long concert, so put it on and listen while you cook your fresh market corn to have with your fresh market bread and fresh market honey.  Oh summertime!!



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