hummingBird had the privilege last week of playing at Sulphur Mountain’s Sunset Festival in Banff.  It definitely ranks up there on the list of mind-blowing venues.

One of the things I love about playing music is that it takes me places I never even considered I would go.  From the grand cavern deep in the Rat’s Nest Cave, Canmore, to a beautiful church in Havana, Cuba, to a peaceful retreat centre in the Gulf Islands, BC and now to the top of a mountain in Banff National Park.  That’s just to name a few.

Along with that, music has connected me with the most wonderful motley bunch of people.  Even though we live in a small town, I would not have met most of the 90 people in the Valley Winds Choir (not to mention Concert and Big Band members) without the music that drew us together.  The friends I have made over the years performing and serving in music have carried me – and continue to carry me – through this life journey.  And I keep meeting more!

One thing that struck me this summer in a very real way was that making music together strengthens even the oldest relationships in my life.  When we were gathered in July for my brother’s wedding, playing guitars and singing karaoke and laughing with my siblings made memories that I know I for one will draw on for a long time.  One of the neatest things was that some of our kids joined us in the song.  Despite our very different lives in Toronto, Calgary, Denver and Canmore, we gathered around song and grew closer in our relationships because of it.

All this is open to you – while performing at the top of Sulphur Mountain is a treat not everyone will necessarily get to share, there’s not much stopping most of us from getting out on a hike and belting out our favourite feel-good songs.  If you want to jump in, either individually or with community encouragement, I can help you with that.  Get in touch.

The Valley Winds membership drive is Tuesday, August 27th at the Canmore Legion.  7:00 pm.  If exploring your voice is tugging at you, this is the perfect place.  I’ll be there and will welcome a chat.

In the meantime, as we head into the New Year that is September, I encourage you to try something new.  Anything.

And Shine On.

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