Try Things

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A number of things in recent weeks have hammered home the same theme – one that I have adopted as my theme for 2017.  Try things.  That’s it.

At the recent Beat-The-Blues party in Canmore, Whistling Duck Music members took the stage and put on an incredible evening of music.  For a few of them, it was the “first kiss with the microphone”, as one Mama put it.  There were nerves involved, but everyone played well, took blunders with grace and humour, and did something they can be proud of.  My face honestly hurt from smiling.

We get to adulthood and our boxes get a little smaller.  Many people find their grooves – personally and professionally –  in their 20s or 30s, then the groove becomes a trench that it’s hard to see the way out of.  It can be comfortable in that trench, but there is so much richness in life that if we stop looking around, we will miss.

What I’ve had the joy of witnessing through the Whistling Duck Music journey is you Mamas and Brothers looking around and either remembering music that has been dormant in yourselves, or releasing it for the first time – and finding such delight and satisfaction in letting it out.  The community of players encourages growth and the abilities and comfort levels have soared, all because you tried something.  Each one of you inspires me; that’s the honest truth, and I thank you for it.

There is a big step in life satisfaction when you realise that you can try something and see if it works, and to know you’ll be OK if it doesn’t.  Laughter and grace in the trying leads to joy in the journey, and a world of possibility to explore outside of our trenches.  So continue to try things, laugh, soar, and shine on.

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