I’m a mum, before anything else.  That means that this time of year I’m by my kids’ sides as they wrap up their school-years.  For two of mine, that means year-end concerts and recitals.

There have been moments when the middle school band concerts have lived up to expectations in every respect (!), and other moments where I’ve been really impressed with the sounds these kids are making.  The same goes for the dance recital – a bit of everything.

The best parts are those moments when the kids rise above even their own expectations.  I had the privilege of seeing this a few times lately, including at the Good Earth Café’s open mic last week.  We have a good handful of bold kids who are performing and writing music even at eleven, twelve, thirteen years old.  And they’re nailing it!

I’ve watched these last weeks as kids have unconsciously inspired the kids around them.  I’ve watched moments of understanding dawn on the faces of peers as their friends step out and shine.  If SHE can do that, maybe I can do that…  Not only are they inspiring their peers, but they’re inspiring the adults in their lives!

The same thing happens in my adult groups.  One person’s boldness inspires boldness in others.  It’s a ripple effect, and people all over the valley are starting to make music and join music groups because they see it is possible, due to the confidence of their peers and friends.  This is the kind of peer pressure I can get behind.

Thinking back to the Diamond Days post from a couple of weeks ago, we may never know the ways in which our actions will inspire and encourage others.  The youth of this valley who bravely step out are lifting those around them, just by being their best selves.

As we head into the summer months, maybe now is your moment to try something new, resting in the assurance that this great community will keep holding the space for you.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you with that.

In the meantime, get out and make hay (music!) while the sun shines, even while you Shine On.

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