Winter Inspiration

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I’m looking out my window at the snow and I’m glad I’m inside – I’m not really a Snow Baby but it sure is beautiful to look at.  We live in the most spectacular place and I hope I never take that for granted.  But it’s a long winter and often cold.  For me that means tea and books and guitar time.  For many, there is delight in getting out and playing in the white stuff (before coming home to tea, books and guitar time!)

I am frequently inspired by the people in the Bow Valley with more experience than I have in life; that is to say the Seniors.  I direct many in the Valley Winds Community Choir and they are a wonderful bunch of folks.  They inspire me in their life attitudes, their active lifestyles and their willingness to learn new things.  There are some whom I look at and aspire to be like them when I grow up.

In the same way, we inspire those around us daily.  You don’t have to be a parent to have an impact on the youth of the community.  You don’t have to be a blood family member to act like one.  In this community of Whistling Duck Music, I see people caring for one another and spurring each other on to goodness in ways that go far beyond sharing sound.  It makes me tingly.

And yet it is the sharing of sound that makes the bond.  Creating music exposes vulnerability – particularly the use of voice.  And in this community each person without exception has been encouraged and cheered on through that vulnerability.  Because of that we are all stronger.  So in this fifth year of Guitar Mama Showcase and third of the Brotherhood of Strings, how can you inspire others?  And if someone near you has encouraged or inspired you, take a moment to let them know.

If you are the sort who love to ski then play guitar, be sure to explore the retreat offer from Talus Lodge that is coming up at the end of March.  Best way to get information is to email info@taluslodge.com

We’re on this road together, and through the rubbing of shoulders, we help each other shine on.

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